Our Mission




Apparel manufacturers typically waste at least 25% of their brand new textile during production. We source our fabrics directly from the unused surplus of local manufacturers. By doing this we divert it from the waste stream and reduce the need to produce more fabric.  We then lovingly craft them into charming and stylish children’s clothing. Our mission is to give these fabrics a second chance at a story to be valued and cherished as much as the memories your children make in them.



Our Vision:

utterly is driven to helping San Francisco reach its goal to be the first city in the world to eliminate sending waste to landfills through its Zero Waste Initiative. With the help of our partners, we are able to make a long lasting impact in the local community and be positive role models for the industry.

In the future, we hope to establish a second hand store to re-sell gently used garments in order to make sustainable fashion available for the larger community. 

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