Cecil the lion

Cecil the African Lion

In July, 2015, an American dentist paid over $50K to bow-hunt an African lion in Zimbabwe.  He happened to kill Cecil, a 13 year old lion with a distinct black mane. Cecil was the most famous and beloved animal in the Hwange National Park.  He was injured with an arrow, then tracked, and killed nearly 40 hours later. 

The news of Cecil’s death via social media generated the biggest international response to a wildlife story ever. The public outcry against the death of Cecil has led to bans and greater restrictions on trophy hunting in several countries, including the United States.  Five months after the death of Cecil, African lions were added to the U.S. endangered species list.  There are an estimated 20,000 lions in the wild.  Their main threats are habitat loss, diminished prey, and hunting.


Sources:  Wikipedia, National Geographic


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